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Employee Engagement Surveys

There’s still a place for the “traditional”, annual employee-engagement survey, which provides an in-depth picture to help you design your longer-term people plans. As a rule, it’s heavy lifting to get everyone to complete it, but we’re experts at that. With user engagement already established through the regular Check In, you’ll enjoy a far higher completion rate in this survey, generating meaningful data that can be compared with the monthly responses.

Pulse Surveys

Regular, data-driven organization reporting enables you to plot trends over time, highlight opportunities and make comparisons between different areas. Simply choose a range of different metrics to focus on – from Happiness Score by team, trended over time, to specific areas of the 5 pillars of wellbeing – and we’ll build the right reporting suite for you. We can run both anonymous and non-anonymous pulse surveys on your behalf.

Wellbeing Training & Support

If someone is suffering from a physical injury, that's usually obvious. Identifying and supporting people who may be suffering with their mental health can be a lot more complicated. We offer you expert mental health training and support through our partners, who are well-placed to supercharge your wellbeing support efforts.

Tailored Integration

It's possible to integrate GoVox Wellbeing with your chosen portal/app. Many of our clients are moving towards utilizing Single Sign-On (SSO) technologies; GoVox Wellbeing is able to support this and integrate. Get in touch with us today to discuss your tailored integration in more detail; we're here to make wellbeing support as simple and effective as possible for you.

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