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GoVox Wellbeing Check In for Education

Best user engagement on an employee mental health support platform

At the heart of GoVox Wellbeing is the ability to regularly check in with the wellbeing and mental health of your staff and students through a quick and simple questionnaire on their internet-enabled device. In a busy world, cutting through the noise and giving people a voice that is listened to is hugely important.

The growth in social media has led to people becoming surprisingly comfortable talking about their lives online, and this behaviour is what our platform harnesses. Participants are happy to engage, and typically with a rare level of honesty.

Check Ins comprise a set of short and non-intrusive questions in a simple, multiple-choice format (with the option of adding comments in a free-text feature). Designed in collaboration with our unique network of expert partners, these generate insights across the 5 pillars of wellbeing: body, mind, connections, fulfilment and emotions.

We have set mental health and wellbeing-related questions designed to work with different types of organisation, including schools, colleges, universities; but we can’t know your students and staff as well as you do. So, with your guidance, we’ll tailor the questions to ensure they are relevant and deliver the insights you need. 

The Check In is usually scheduled monthly, but you can alter the frequency to meet your organisation’s requirements. When users receive their email invite to check in, the whole process takes less than a minute – no complicated log-in required. It really is as simple as click and go.

GoVox Wellbeing is all about treating people as individuals, not numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s a refreshingly different approach that makes a significant, positive difference to student and staff engagement compared with standard surveys.

Best user engagement on an employee mental health support platform

Personal Wellbeing Report

This is where the magic starts. Once a student or teacher completes their Check In, the GoVox system instantly identifies which areas of wellbeing they most require support with, triggering delivery of a Personal Wellbeing Report to them via email.

Designed in collaboration with King’s College London, it provides helpful advice on making positive changes. The content is updated monthly to ensure it’s fresh and relevant.

Support wellbeing of employees with a mental health platform

Proactive delivery of personalised support empowers students and staff alike to take simple, effective steps to improve their wellbeing and happiness.

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Online Wellbeing Dashboard for Schools, Colleges and Universities

When you’re supporting students and teachers, it can be a challenge to spot who needs specific help, and when. The Online Wellbeing Dashboard makes this easy.

It enables you to quickly digest results from the Check Ins, meaning you can prioritise the conversations that matter. This is at the core of the GoVox mission.

As soon as a student or staff member has completed their Check In, the nominee can access the Dashboard securely and see the feedback. The display shows: 

  • Participation – shows who has checked in, and who hasn’t. 
  • Historical data – enables you to look back at previous insights.
  • Red flags – indicates negative responses to questions, highlighting who may need some help.
  • Speech bubbles – these are a direct feed from any user comments in the free-text field, creating an opportunity to forge a very personal connection. Users love them.
  • Happiness Score – a user’s answer generates their Happiness Score for that time point. The Dashboard presents the whole team’s scores in a bar chart, so you can see at a glance who is least (and most) happy. A simple click on an individual’s score will reveal their answers.

The Dashboard is designed to be clear and simple, so you can spend your valuable time looking after your teams, rather than analysing data (that’s our job). In less than a minute, you can home in on the people most in need of support. If you only have time today for one call or one catch-up over coffee, you’ll immediately know who to reach out to.

Employee wellbeing support early prevention platform

93% of teachers and 97% of department heads have made the GoVox Online Wellbeing Dashboard a regular part of their team support and conversations.

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Wellbeing support for students and teachers alike

GoVox Wellbeing doesn’t end with just the technology. We recognise organisations may need a hand with upskilling their teams to handle wellbeing conversations, so we’ve sourced specialist training partners who can help.

Our partners include:

  • Mind in Mid Herts – empowering people to take control of their mental health by providing prevention, recovery and support services in Hertfordshire.
  • Welfy – arming people with the tools to enhance their wellbeing, and providing research-based training programmes for staff and teachers, available virtually and internationally.

We call this the Blended Wellbeing Approach. It completes the circle and supports our core mission: to save lives.

If you think it would help your teams, please get in touch.

Workplace mental health platform

Additional wellbeing services for the education sector

And there’s more!

By collaborating with our clients, we’ve developed some additional features which can be custom-built into your perfect package. If you’re interested in exploring any of these options, just get in touch for a chat.

Staff Engagement Surveys

There’s still a place for the “traditional”, annual staff-engagement survey, which provides an in-depth picture to help you design your longer-term people plans. As a rule, it’s heavy lifting to get everyone to complete it, but we’re experts at that. With user engagement already established through the regular Check In, you’ll enjoy a far higher completion rate in this survey, generating meaningful data that can be compared with the monthly responses.

Pulse Surveys

Regular, data-driven organisation reporting enables you to plot trends over time, highlight opportunities and make comparisons between different areas. Simply choose a range of different metrics to focus on – from Happiness Score by team, trended over time, to specific areas of the 5 pillars of wellbeing – and we’ll build the right reporting suite for you. We can run both anonymous and non-anonymous pulse surveys on your behalf.

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