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Do you want to help people enjoy better mental health and wellbeing? Would you like to increase happiness in your organisation by 10% in just 3 months? 

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You will receive an invite to Check In (via your email)

So you know when to expect us, we send the demo Wellbeing Check in requests, via email, at 11am and 3pm each working day. You will be set up on the next available time slot. Keep an eye out for an email from GoVox Wellbeing Check In.

Give it a go - complete the Check In

Once you receive your invite to Check In simply follow the instructions. It will take less than a minute to complete and feel free to answer as you feel comfortable (in this instance this is just a demo, so you can see how different answers impact the next steps). At the heart of GoVox Wellbeing we drive high engagement by keeping this process very simple, we hope you like it.

We have a range of questions that work brilliantly across different organisations. We will set up your demo today based on the type of organisation you select below. Please keep in mind that we work with individual organisations to make sure their Check In questions work well for them, we look forward to doing that with you in the future.

Receive your Personal Wellbeing Report

Once you have completed the Check In, you will receive your Personal Wellbeing Report.

The GoVox system instantly identifies which areas of wellbeing you 'most require support with', based on your Check In results, triggering delivery of a personalised series of self-help content. Designed in collaboration with King’s College London, it provides helpful advice on making positive changes. The content is updated monthly to ensure it’s fresh and relevant.

Invite to view results in the Dashboard

Once you have completed your GoVox Wellbeing Check In we would like to share with you how your responses are represented, via the GoVox Online Wellbeing Dashboard. At this stage you will receive a log in to your results, and we will drop you into a ‘virtual team’ (so you can see your responses alongside others - don’t worry, these are examples and we don’t share anyone’s data). You will receive your log in via email and will need to put yourself in the shoes of the support function within your organisation (line manager, mental health support, pastoral care, coach)….don’t worry, when the time is right we will talk you through how best to set up with your teams and support network.

We hope you enjoy the demo. This is a lite version of GoVox Wellbeing and we look forward to picking up the conversation in the future to explore how we can support you and your teams.


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