Why do we exist?

To identify issues impacting people’s wellbeing in sport, so that actions can be taken to support them. Prioritising the conversations that matter.

As leaders and influencers, we aren’t sprinkled with a magic dust that means we know exactly what all our team are thinking, at any given time. We live in a society where people can be quite closed in person, yet open up to their internet enabled devices, driven by social media behaviours. By bringing these key elements together, GoVox focuses on enabling ‘actionable insights’ so that small changes early on can make a BIG difference, before it’s too late. Started out of grassroots sport, we are passionate about supporting athletes and club stuff alike, from amateur to elite level.

Richard Lucas, CEO & Co-Founder, GoVox
The GoVox Story

How GoVox began prioritising the conversations that matter in sport


GoVox is founded

Oct 2017 GoVox emerges following a number of suicides & near misses in our local rugby community

Work with Mind

2019 GoVox begins working with Mind, starting with Mind in Mid Herts. Subsequently completing over 250K Check-Ins across sports clubs, schools and corporate organisations

First professional sports organisations sign up

Swim England and Stevenage Football Club were our first professional sports club to sign up for the GoVox platform, in 2019

NHSx Check Ins

Nov 2019 GoVox Wellbeing Check In goes live with NHSx

Supporting wellbeing through COVID-19

2020 GoVox supports during COVID with over 1 million touch points enabling more than 80,000 “Conversations That Matter”

The future

GoVox continues with our mission to ensure everyone is supporting proactively with their wellbeing, now supporting an ever-growing body of professional and amateur sports organisations

Sports Partner Stories

Palace for Life Foundation

August 5, 2020

Swim England

August 5, 2020

Herts Sports Partnership

August 5, 2020

Stevenage Football Club & Foundation

August 5, 2020

Active East Herts

August 5, 2020

How GoVox Helps in Sport

Proactive Wellbeing Support

GoVox enables targeted, consistent and proactive wellbeing support by enabling you to regularly check-in with your people; athletes and staff alike benefit from this

Increased Retention

Talented individuals are highly sought after, and often have their own aspirations in mind when choosing which organisation to be a part of. GoVox can help to increase retention by enabling you to understand what motivates your people and what is likely to make them want to stay with you for longer

Improved Performance

By assessing various specific factors that are known to impact performance, and addressing them regularly, you can help improve the performance of your athletes and staff; supercharge your coaching with GoVox

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